Monday, August 24, 2009

And this is how it went down..........

So my Friday consisted of me hanging out with these two little rug rats (my niece and nephew) at my dads pool. Why no pool pictures?? Well that's because I am a snob when it comes to which photo's to post and none of them from that day were good (at least none of me)! Call me vain, but you know you all do it too! =)
(Skylar & Zander)
Saturday I spent the night with these ladies....... (events from that night below)
Can I just say, I went to the most lame-o Bachelorette Party ever! I know that's mean to say, because I really do adore the Bachelorette!
Start of the night... we all meet at my girlfriend Carey's house and wait for the limo, we all had to pitch in $50 (which I really didn't have a problem doing.. but I have other feelings about that situation which I will spare you). There were suppose to be 20 girls going and only 10 of us went (not including the bride to be).
First off the invitation said Limo will pick us up, then we will head to one of our favorite local Mexican restaurant for dinner then a local bar area downtown.
So this is how it played out.... We get to the meet location for the limo, the MOH and the Bride are late... we finally get situated in the limo and head off to dinner... get to the restaurant everything is going great, and another couple there ordered the Bride a shot of Tequila... and here we go.. she starts complaining that she doesn't want to take the shot (Umm.. hello, don't be rude! Someone bought that for you)! She finally takes it after staring at it for 3 minutes.
Then she signs up to do a song for Karaoke, and then says she doesn't want to go up by herself, so she starts recruiting girls to go up with her...
We leave dinner and try to figure out where we are going to go and start the night..... but of course something is bound to go wrong! The Brides sister has lost her ID, so yeah, now that's going to be a problem getting into the bars... and then on top of that another girl was under age (Granted she had a fake ID, but it was expired** note: I do not agree with fake ID's**, but at least she had one).
So the Brides sister who works, down at a local bar at the beach, decides "Hey lets just go to the bars at the beach so I can get in"!
I am already thinking to myself this isn't going to be a great night... (love the company, but not the scene).
So we end up going to the beach. Mind you it's nearing the end of summer, and our beach is BIG vacation spot, so all the people that are down there are A.) Tourist B.) Young Teeny Boppers C.) Drunken A$$holes.
Not my idea of a fun night!
So the whole night we are bar hopping from bar to bar.
We get to another Bar and a few of us know the owner, so he sends over a shot, jello shooters, and a bottle of Campaign. Once AGAIN, the Bride doesn't want to take the shot, and is complaining that she doesn't feel well. (from this time, the complaining has been going on for almost 3 hours). I finally said something at like 11:30...
Me: Look if your not feeling well, tell us and we will take you home!
Bride: Well I don't want to ruin any one's night
Me: Trust me, (in my sarcastic voice) your not going to ruin our night!
Bride: Well I don't know if I want to go yet....
Me: Well you need to make up your mind

She ended up staying, but still pouting. Come to find out she wanted to meet up with the boys (the bachelor party)! WTF??
I mean seriously...... my Divorce Party was WAY better then this lame-o party!

****Note to self: Self, next time you get married and have a Bachelorette Party, please inform people that No ID/Underage = They don't go!**** Thank you =)

Which leads me to my Sunday. After sleeping in until 9 and then falling back asleep until 11:30, I finally decided that it was time I showered and started my day. I cleaned out the car, and then spent the afternoon and evening with two of my favorite people... Kerri and Blake! I love them... they are so awesome. <3 href="">****************************************
Sorry for the ranting and raving.... all of that probably makes no sense at all, but my mind is still in a clusterfuck from Saturday night!

So I hope everyone has a FaNtAsTiC night.... 3 Men and a Baby, just came on and it's one of my all time favorites! So I am off to watch it until I fall asleep. =)


  1. Sounds like a nightmare of a Saturday night! I hate to say it, but the bachelorette sounds like a total pain in the ass!

  2. ugggg. the bride to be sounds like a total debbie downer. blahhhh to all that. you did good though by letting her know the party will go on without her. haha.

  3. those kiddos are adorable!!
    i hope you at least had fun....even the the mrs to be was a whiner the whole night.