Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday = My Friday

A few things I am thankful for.....

~ Lip gloss

~ Starbucks

~ My HaNdSoMe Boyfriend

~ My GiRlFrIeNdS (no drama)

~ Baby Girl Layla

~My J.O.B

~ Family

~ My Health

~ High Heels

~ Handbags

~ Lemon Pine-Sol (almost forgot that one)

Speaking on Crackbucks, my lovely co-worker (a.k.a my second mom) gave me a gift card yesterday for there, for dog sitting her 4 crazy dogs last weekend. Unfortunately not that I need a gift card to go there, but it's nice when you don't have to spend your own money on it. =)

I love that we have a Drive Thru Crackbucks a block away from work. It makes it so convenient! I go there quite often, often enough that they know my drink order, that when I start they interrupt me so I don't have to spew the want list for my drink. They nick named it the "Diabetic Coma" a.k.a Caramel Macchiato. =)

here is my order when I go...

*Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato
*In a Venti cup
*Extra Extra Ice
*2 Raw Sugars
*Extra Caramel
*With Whip Cream

(Don't judge..... and yes, I know this is probably why I can't lose those 10 lbs.!)

Moving right along...... I really want this Coach bag! It actually just might be my next big splurge!
But I really want to buy the Nikon D70 camera! Which one do I get? The purse is the cheaper of the two?!?

I stopped into Bath and Bodyworks the other day, and of course couldn't pass up the lip gloss. I did get the buy two get one free... but out of the three that I got, this one I like the best. It smells like Orange Creamsicles.
Thank goodness, it's almost the start of my weekend!
The three of five of us are still here at work.... Doc has already left. The Drama Queen Assistant has left early AGAIN! (yet she still complains about not having everything done, and not having enough hours... well DUH! Hello dummy stay until 4 o'clock like the rest of us)!

So here I am blogging.... My Office Manager is playing with her new Crackberry Curve... and the Hygienist is on Facebook! =)

Here is my run down for the weekend...

Friday: Lazy day waiting for Chris to get home, and he isn't able to tell me due to security reasons! BOOOO..

Saturday: One of my Besties Coed Babyshower. =) She's having a girl her name is going to be Skylar Reese. Funny thing, that's my nieces name which I picked out! =) Great minds think alike!

Sunday: Funday.... going to the beach hopefully if the weather ever decides to clear up! Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?


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