Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh thank Heaven for Big Sisters!

I know I have mentioned a few times about Chris' flowerbed's being in DESPERATE need of weeding. I finally caved in and decided to do it this weekend while he is gone. (I know, I'm so sweet) Well me being the girlie girl that I am, I once AGAIN recruited my big sister to come over and help me (knowing in my head that she would take over and just do it herself, while I supervised). She doesn't mind getting all hot and sweaty and dirty... but me on the other hand, NO THANK you! Not unless, I really have too, and that doesn't happen often!

So after my sister was done weeding, and I was done supervising, we headed to my Dads pool.

Here is a picture of Layla... she isn't to fond of swimming, sbe is more of a " let me play on the steps" kinda puppy. But in all fairness sbe is still a puppy. Look how cute she is here!

Does anyone know if Rotti's like water or don't like water? I've heard a few different things??? Chris and I think she has too much junk in her trunk... her ass end just sinks when she is in the water!

Here she is dunking her head under the water, trying to get the ball.

Well that's about it for tonight. Off to go curl up in the bed. Nothing like a good rain storm and a good movie on the boob tube (Senedipity). Hope everyone has a spectacular night!


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