Monday, August 3, 2009

Case of the MoNdAyS....

Ehh.... back to the grind AGAIN!

My weekend was un-productive.

Friday: Went to my Dads pool to catch some rays.

Saturday: Like a good girlfriend would do, went with Chris to his softball game out in the sweltering heat of 100+ degrees. Thank goodness that they weren't on there "A" game, and actually got done at a decent time. Went home cleaned up and went to dinner down by the beach. Then met up with some friends at a local dive for Chris' roommates birthday.

I don't know what it is about grown adults and their DRAMA!!! I mean I know everyone has a little bit here and there, but seriously when it starts to be a constant thing, you would think that, that person(s) would take a step back and be like dude.... let me look at the situation and maybe change something?!? Wishful thinking yeah, I know! Anyways... we are at the bar celebrating his roommates birthday, everything is fine and dandy until about 12 am and birthday boy see's some girlfriends of mine that he doesn't really care for, and totally starts flipping out on Chris and I. Like I intentionally invited them out, just to spite him! 1.) Ummm Hello... it's a public place they can go where they please 2.) It's not like it was a private party and 3.)I mean really NEWS FLASH..... I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOUR ISSUES ARE. So yeah, some choice words came out of my mouth at him (which by the way made me feel a WHOLE lot better), he and Chris got into it and then Chris and I left.

Before I get called out for being rude on this guys birthday, let me just say that this was long over due. I am not one to cause a big scene or cause drama, but this guy is very self centered and only looks out for himself. And he CONSTANTLY yells at me for no reason or from something he hears.... it's a little ridiculous. He and Chris have been friends for years and have lived together for quite sometime and have been through a lot.

Did I mention that his roomie and I had a fling (way before Chris and I started dating)well we did. Not so proud of that fact right now, but yeah. So everyone says he is a little bitter about that whole situation, but seriously....... Chris and I have been dating for 2 years now, he has a girlfriend..... time to grow up! Just my thought on that.

Sunday: Hungout.... and Chris' roomie tried to apologize, but I didn't accept it and left it at that. I have no respect for the guy. I will be cordial and whatever, but I'm not over extending my arm to him or going out of my way to help him or invite him anywhere anymore... washing my hands clean of that situation.

And here we are good ole' Monday! BLAH...... it has been non-stop ever since I arrived at work today. I am ready to get outta here, and go spend some time with Chris (he is going out to sea tomorrow for 10 days). =(


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