Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Booo Hooo... Tuesday

So Chris left today for 10 days! =( And the only contact I will have with him is through via email (ugghhh... sigh). What's 10 days right.... plus this is just getting me ready for when he is gone for his 7-8 month cruise. Which really makes me sad to think about because he will be gone for ummmm..... pretty much......... wait let me fix that he WILL be gone for ALL the Holidays! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, My Birthday, St. Patricks Day, Easter, and possibly 4th of July! NICE huh! It's ridiculous, but it's the price you pay for dating someone in the military <---- I always said I would never date anyone in the military and HA.. what do you think about that..... here I am 10 years and 1 divorce later, I am dating someone in the military. Not that I had anything against military guys, but my Dad was in the military and hated that he wasn't home much.... and here I am with Christopher a.k.a Babe..... LOVE HIM... he is GrEaT! We are total opposites so it works out perfectly.

Chris is the laid back, easy breezy, go with the flow, doesn't like making plans kinda guy. Which I find really weird since he is from NY.

As for me, I am the have to have a plan, lets go do something, freak out if something happens that I can't control, cry cause I am frustrated kinda gal.

He keeps me grounded, and I keep him organized! =) Perfect combo I think.

I am randomly thinking~ Hmmm.... what to do for dinner??? The office was suppose to do a dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants down by the beach Chic's Cafe, but that just got cancelled! BUMMER! Although I was secretly wanting it to get cancelled. Maybe I will grab a quick dinner and possibly take Layla on a nice walk tonight.

Speaking of darling little (big) Layla.... she was not Mommy's favorite little girl this morning, not AT ALL!

Just a quick run down on our precious little 10 month old Rottweiler. She is a super cute, and a very smart dog. And when I say smart, she's smart.... I taught her how to ring a bell on the door knob, when she has to go out to go potty, she has a time out spot when she is bad, she sits a the snapping of the fingers, two snaps she lays down, and she gives High Fives!

Anyhoo... So I had to get up this morning at 4:30 to take Chris to the ship, so we have been trying to slowly let her out of her crate while we are gone (we tried this before, 2 playstation remotes nibbled on, 1 remote control demolished, 1 pair of electric sunglasses in her belly, 2 blankets torn open, 1 flip flop later). So we are getting ready to head out the door, she knows we are about to leave and gives us this "really I will be a good girl this time, if you just leave me out of my crate" look. So...me being the sucker I am said lets leave her out. I wasn't going to be gone that long. So I closed ALL the doors to the bathrooms, closets and other rooms, I pick up all the remotes out in the living room and along with his roommates sneakers, and his girlfriends flip flops and we walk out the door. Really I mean everything was picked up! I walk into the house from dropping Chris off, and I am greeted at the door by his inconsiderate roommates golden retriever Bailey... no sign of Layla. I look out back (because the roommates have a tendency to just put her out back) she isn't there. I look down the hallway and see all the doors are closed, and automatically know that she's in the room and most likely not in her cage. DING DING DING.... correct! Walk into the room she comes running to me and notice that there are pieces of stuff EVERY where on the carpet. Turn on the light and she DESTROYED one of my favorite pair of black sling back heels, that I have only worn maybe 3 times (I took pictures, they will be posted tomorrow)!!! He dumb*!$ self centered roommate (yes, the birthday boy who I got into it with) locked her in the room, and for who knows what reason! Just another reason to not like the guy!

Me = Not a Happy Momma
So that was my interesting morning. I was mad at her, put her in time out and went back to bed. She eventually hopped up on the bed to sleep next to me, because she knew I was furious with her, but I ignored her. So since I was mean to her this morning, I guess I could go out and take her for a long walk. I'm such a good mommy! =)

Well I am outta here! Gotta go get some grub and go see baby girl (Layla). =)


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