Friday, August 7, 2009

Yay.... the sun is shining....

Looks like I might make a stop over to my dads pool to layout. =)

So, I think Layla is a little depressed that her daddy is gone. She's still a happy puppy, but not nearly as energetic like she is when Chris is home. Their little "daddy, puppy" relationship is kinda ridiculous..cute ridiculous of course! But also a sickening cute. Maybe she likes to get annoyed, poked, wrestled with and bitten by him (yes, he bites her)? I don't do any of those things, I'm the lovey, let me smush you kinda mommy. Maybe she doesn't like that? Maybe I'm the one that annoys her? No that can't be right! I do everything for her.....

~ I take her out butt a$% early/ late at night, when she rings the bell to go potty (cause we know daddy can't hear it).

~ I let her sleep on my side of the bed, even though Chris has to be up my butt while he sleeps too (I secretly love this... don't tell him), which leaves me NO room what-so-ever!

~ I take her on her much needed walks

~ And giver her treats when she has to go in her crate

~ And occasionally I sneak her french fries every now and then

So Layla, please quit pouting around the house, daddy will be home in 1 week (yay)! And please stop being "that girl" that when you get depressed you stop eating (your not fooling anyone, we all know you can eat... A LOT). xox ~ mommy

Moving on.....

Does anyone else love the smell of lemon Pine-Sol??? I am kind of obsessed with it. I probably go through maybe two big bottles a month! Chris calls me crazy, and he thinks I secretly go into the bathroom and "huff" it. I don't huff it, I just open the bottle just to get a quick whiff of it (don't judge me). Maybe I should take some stock out in it???

Anyone else obsessed with any crazy smelling stuff??

Well....... I guess it's that time, time to out of sloth mode and get my day started.

I hope everyone has a FaNTaBuLoUs weekend!


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  1. I am obsessed with things that smell clean. I secretly love the smell of "Scrubbing Bubbles" because it means the bathroom is clean. Weird, I know.